Why do I need a service like the One Day Wedding Company? 
With lots of inspiration from blogs, Pinterest and Instagram, brides and grooms don’t need creative help or ideas when it comes their wedding like they once did, so there is less of a need for a wedding planner or the full wedding planning service. But, in reality, DIY weddings also means DIY on the wedding day itself. Rather than relying on family and friends – who want to enjoy the day with you too – we become your proxy or representative on the day.

By engaging The One Day Wedding Company, couples (and their friends and family) can relax knowing there is someone experienced overseeing the day, ensuring all suppliers have one point of contact and everything is being rolled out, just as you planned.

But don’t most venues have wedding planners already?
There is often a misconception that all wedding venues have wedding planners, who can meet your suppliers, and ‘event manage’ your reception. The reality is that most venues are focused on your catering and drinks – not the little details you have been planning, from cake and photo tables, to the speeches’ timings and when the DJ is supposed to play your chosen wedding songs.

What types of weddings benefit from your service?
We have event managed all types of weddings and events: low key parties at home, big celebrations at holiday houses, rustic fares at farms, and basically any venue that doesn’t come with an event manager. These types of weddings will benefit from our service.

If your venue does come with an event manager, this service is still useful as we cover the full spectrum of the day – from coordinating your pre-wedding plans and the ceremony logistics, to the extras you have planned at the venue.

Can you recommend suppliers, or ideas for our wedding?
Absolutely. We all want the day to be as successful as possible. This is where our experience from working at more than 50 weddings comes into use. We have a long list of suppliers we can recommend.

We are also able to add a valuable insight into the wedding industry – what works, what doesn’t, and the ability to take a long term view of the complete day to ensure nothing is forgotten or can be done better. Undoubtedly, weddings are an expensive experience, so we are skilled as spotting opportunities to save money, or avoid common pitfalls which often add to the expense of the day.

We have event managed weddings of all shapes and sizes – so we know the little things that are often overlooked but can make a big difference. For instance, suggesting the groomsmen place their corsages on the side that will be facing the audience so they can be seen in the photos, proposing where a bar should be set up so that it doesn’t cause a bottleneck, or helping with the seating plan so the parents of the bride and groom are seated facing their children.

Can you call our suppliers to confirm details just before the wedding day?
Communicating with the vendors is essential before the wedding day, and we are happy to touch base with all of them. To have already made the introductions makes it easier for us to work together on the day too.

This is where the schedule comes in handy too – it can be a very quick job to do the ring-around as you have all the day’s proceedings in one spot.

How many hours do I get my event manager for – and is this flexible?
The standard One Day Wedding Company package includes an event manager for eight hours on your wedding day – plus the meetings and conversations in the lead up to the day.

We also offer tailored packages, which can include additional hours if required, or an extra pair of hands. These additions are at a very reasonable rate.

Can you do extra jobs, like pack up the venue after the wedding or even the next day?
Yes, definitely. Once the wedding day is over, packing up the venue and returning goods is probably the last thing a newly married couple feels like doing – or their friends and family! We are happy to do any next day jobs as well if required and, again, this comes at a reasonable rate. Having said that, the eight-hour package is flexible and couples can use it how they like. While most prefer us to be there before the ceremony starts and during the bulk of the reception, some like us to be there at the other end, so we can pack up after everyone has gone home.

Is it ever too early or too late to engage The One Day Wedding Company?
When you engage us can vary – some couples get us in from the very beginning, while others contact us in the last few weeks before the wedding. Both work, as we can quickly come up to speed on your plans, and roll them out on the day.